Jana Friedrich – Postdoc (March 2018 – April 2021). Now lead research scientist at Rothamstead Research.

Raffaella Tulino – Lab Research Scientist (January 2018 – February 2021). Now project manager at the University of Postmouth.

Nikita Komarov – MRes UCL student (October 2019 – January 2021). Now a PhD student at the Sprecher lab at the University of Freiburg, Switzerland.

Ricarda von Heynitz – Internship student (October-November 2020).

Aleksandra Pajak – Lab Research Scientist (maternity cover; August 2019 – May 2020). Now a LRS at the Balchin lab the Crick.

Antonio Torres Mendez – Visiting PhD student (July-October 2018 and October- December 2019)

Natasha Chavda – Summer student (July-September 2019). Now a PhD student in the Newcastle-Liverpool-Durham BBSRC DTP programme