PrietoGodino_LauraLuciaLucia Prieto-Godino – Group Leader

Lucia obtained her B.A. from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain. After a summer working on vision evolution in box jellyfish in the lab of Dan Nilsson at Lund University in Sweeden, she joined Michael Bate’s group at the University of Cambridge, UK for her PhD, where she studied the embryonic development of the Drosophila olfactory system. For her postdoc she worked on the evolution of olfactory pathways  in Drosophila, in the lab of Richard Benton at he University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She was awarded the FENS EJN Young Investigator Prize 2018. In addition to the lab work, Lucia founded and runs TReND (Teaching and Research in Natural Sciences for Development) in Africa, work for which she recived the Passion in Science Award 2016.